Picture, Picture on the Wall – How Art Can Affect Your Feng Shui


Every single day we are affected by what is about us… the phrases that are stated, the smells we smell, the sights we acquire in. The objective of feng shui is to endorse magnificence, harmony, and aspiration, the boosting of our sights toward lofty, noble, and worthwhile plans.

The poet Maya Angelou stated that we must be mindful about the phrases we communicate because the phrases will “dangle on the walls.” Of training course, she is conversing about what we do in the figurative perception. Nevertheless it is also true of what we dangle on our walls in the literal perception. Which is why it is significant that we surround ourselves with uplifting sights.

Feng shui encourages the application of beautiful, sustaining photographs. Photos and artwork of depressing topics, violence, or pics whose presence helps make us unfortunate or unhappy are not ideal or correct for the walls of our dwelling. As a substitute, only people photographs that are inspiring, uplifting, and beautiful should really be placed on the walls.

The good thing is, you can practice symbolic feng shui by the assortment of certain photographs, these types of as folks, content situations, magnificence, prosperity, or electricity. Certain pics in feng shui have particular meanings and can be used wherever you drive extra curiosity. For instance, a poster or portray of a drinking water fall is an outstanding way to boost profession feng shui — and earnings!

When you are looking to boost your feng shui, look at simply just looking about. Then, see if the photographs you are looking at are saying what you want them to. If not, look at changing people photographs with pics that make a optimistic, uplifting assertion. Examine the recommendations underneath for extra strategies of optimistic feng shui photographs.

1. Use beautiful drinking water photographs for profession or prosperity aid. When placed in the north sector of the dwelling, dwelling place, or business office, these photographs can deliver an fast boost to the profession. To boost profession chi in the bed room (or anywhere!) look at adding an impression of a tortoise.

Photographs of waterfalls and lakes are also correct for the southeast prosperity sector. For extra profession or prosperity aid, look at adding a image of a ship sailing INTO your dwelling or business office. Ships are in particular auspicious harbingers of coming prosperity. Do look at adding a ship image in the southwest, in which it will aid with relationships AND prosperity because drinking water is helpful in the SW until finally 2023.

2. Gain recognition, pals, and helpful relationships with photographs of content folks. Hunting for extra pals or a extra active social existence? Possibly even FAME? Photos of content situations and content folks are Fantastic techniques to bring extra folks into your existence, as effectively as happier relationships, and bigger social recognition. Photos these types of as the types underneath are outstanding for maximizing your social status, equally individually and professionally.

These can be hung in the south or southwest corners. Other good choices for the south and southwest are horses and birds. Horses hung in the southwest sector can provide a good chance of journey, so be organized if you dangle a image of a horse here!

three. Obtain aid from mentors and influential folks with photographs in the NW. To receive aid from people in the placement to provide you development in your profession, reports, or existence in common, you have to have to enrich your “Electricity Men and women” sector. This is the NW corner of your dwelling, dwelling place, or business office.

Photographs of international scenes these types of as the Eiffel tower, the tower of London, the pyramids of Giza, and other scenes are outstanding for acquiring aid from all corners of the world. Furthermore, photographs of metallic buildings, round photographs, and golden or metallic hues are all outstanding choices.

Maps, pics of maps, globes, and so forth. are all helpful for the NW sector of your dwelling, business office, or dwelling place. Because this is the “heaven” place, this is also a superb place for pics and photographs of religious figures or deities, angels, or religious spots these types of as Jerusalem or Mecca. Grand folks these types of as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or world leaders are also superb choices for increasing Powerful Men and women aid.

Be sure to surround by yourself with pics of folks or sites that you aspire to and that encourage you. We must all have anything that lifts us up and helps make us want to obtain extra and purpose better in our lives. Locate a image that symbolizes that FOR YOU.

four. Prevent depressing, damaging, or violent photographs. Do you have photographs in your dwelling that remind you of anything unfortunate, mean, violent, or failure? If so, these photographs are constantly reinforcing these damaging messages. Seem about and if you have any pics or features like this, look at changing them. In any other case, these photographs will go on to imbue your dwelling with damaging strength. Yes, even if your image is deemed “great artwork”, it is not truly worth sacrificing the strength of your dwelling for this expenditure in negativity.


Resource by Kathryn Weber

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