Tips For Decorating Your Motorcycle Jacket


So you ordered new leather motorbike jackets and you want to make them appear like real biker jackets huh? There are a selection of things you can do to decorate your jacket in buy to give it a much more basic biker appear. Below are some terrific suggestions.

When you order your jacket you may detect that there are a selection of various probable parts the place new goods can be included. The sleeves are a terrific location for decorative goods, the again panel is an even improved location, and you may see that there is lots of room on the front as nicely. Flat parts on the jacket the place there is no components, seams, or other hurdles are the fantastic parts for miscellaneous decorative goods.

When you’ve recognized the parts on your motorbike jacket that are suitable for modification, then all you have to do is come to a decision what you are going to put there. Below are a few suggestions.

Bike Club Emblem

Are you in a motorbike club? If so, and if your club has a logo, then it would make the fantastic decorative addition to your jacket. You could have a huge patch manufactured up of your logo and have it sewn on to the again of your jacket, or any where else that it fits for that issue. Affixing a motorbike club logo to a biker jacket is truly a very preferred factor to do simply because it allows demonstrate unity and commitment to a certain goal. It’s one particular way of exhibiting how bikers adhere jointly and keep faithful to one particular a different.

Biker Patches

If you usually are not a member of a motorbike club and really don’t have a logo that you can make into a patch, then you can generally vacation resort to utilizing any form of patch for your jacket. You can order patches with quite a few various varieties of decorations from eagles to iron crosses to semi-trucks. You can even buy a patch that has a John Deere tractor on it. The stage is, if you have an thought for the fantastic patch for your jacket, then probabilities are you may be capable to uncover one thing like it, or at minimum have it customized manufactured for you.


You can also decorate your motorbike jacket by acquiring customized embroidery work accomplished to it. You can attract up your personal awesome design, grab a design from the web, or uncover a design from any where else and have it sewn into your jacket in any location you like. Embroidering designs into your jacket can help include colour, character, and uniqueness to your motorbike jacket.


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